Wilk Auslander Litigator Publishes a Chapter in Annual Licensing Update

Stuart M. Riback

July 26, 2016

Litigation Partner Stuart Riback wrote a chapter in the recently published Wolters-Kluwer 2016 Licensing Update that addresses the still murky question of what happens to a licensee of IP when the licensor files for bankruptcy protection?

This is a situation that happens more often than most people realize and is at the confluence of two fairly specialized legal areas: intellectual property and bankruptcy. Stuart has been involved in cases related to this issue and has researched the issue.  His chapter provides an analysis of existing case law and how this issue may continue to evolve in the future. You may read the chapter by accessing this link.

Stuart Riback is a business litigator with nearly 30 years of experience, and a frequent author of topics germane to the world of litigation. If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to contact Stuart by email at sriback@wilkauslander.com or by telephone at (212) 981-2326.


About the Licensing Update 2016:

Licensing Update 2016 is the definitive one-volume handbook covering the year's most significant cases and developments in licensing. It identifies critical trends that licensing professionals and practitioners must understand thoroughly in this rapidly evolving area. Up-to-date, incisive, analytical, and essential, this valuable manual helps you keep up with the explosive pace of licensing with guidance from licensing experts in their area of specialty. You'll find in-depth insights and valuable analysis on recent developments and important trends of licensing issues from leading practitioners who are experts in their field.

Licensing Update 2016 is organized as a handy "quick reference" to help you save time in structuring stronger agreements to protect your licensing interest. You'll get extensive coverage of developments in audit and accounting practices, tax considerations, antitrust concerns and many of the bottom-line issues that you need to address to ensure day-to-day profitability of your license agreements.