Wilk Auslander Attorneys Publish Two Articles in the New York Law Journal in April

Julie Cilia and Natalie Shkolnik

May 18, 2016

Often at the cutting edge of legal practice and involved in high-stakes cases, attorneys from the firm periodically share their experiences and highlight interesting developments in the practice of law. Some of those insights are brought to you in this newsletter, and others are featured in the media more broadly. Last month, firm attorneys published two articles in theNew York Law Journal, perhaps the premier legal publication in the New York market.

Pamela Kleinberg, Counsel in the firm's litigation practice, had her article featured as an "Outside Counsel" column on April 7th. Her article dealt with a precedent-setting case she handled in the area of co-op lien law.  The firm is widely regarded for its real estate practice, as well as its litigation practice--among others--so an article about a complex real estate litigation was in our wheelhouse.  

The cover article in the April 11th New York Law Journal special section about Appellate Practice was authored by Natalie Shkolnik and Julie Cilia. The article deals with the tolling provision set forth in CPLR 205(a) and a clarification of the timing that it allows based on a ruling in a case decided last year.  The authors astutely analyze the case, both sides' arguments, and the court's ultimate ruling.

The full text of both articles can be found on our website, accessible directly through these links:  CPLR (205a)Extending Mechanic's Liens Against Co-ops