Thomas Amlicke and Sabino Biondi Contributed to Inside the Minds

December 12, 2009

Thomas R. Amlicke, partner, and Sabino Biondi, associate, have contributed a chapter to Inside the Minds, Strategies for Trusts and Estates in New York. Published by Aspatore Books, the book is a compilation of the various authors’ perspectives on best practices, strategies and significant changes in the law affecting trusts and estates.

Aspatore Books selects authors based on their experience and standing within the professional community, to provide readers with an authoritative look at current topics and insights into the challenges and issues facing a particular area of law or business.

In the chapter titled “Changes in Law Affecting Estate Planning”, Tom and Sabino collaborated to provide a brief, yet comprehensive, review and discussion on tax and other law changes affecting New York estate planning, including significant changes to the federal applicable exclusion amount and strategies for adapting to those changes; changes to New York’s durable power of attorney; changes in the revocatory effect of divorce; and changes to the simultaneous death statute.

Click here to download the chapter of "Inside the Minds, Strategies for Trusts and Estates in New York" authored by Thomas Amlicke and Sabino Biondi