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Intellectual Property Litigation

We work with clients in protecting their IP assets during disputes and litigation. Our IP litigators have argued before the United States Supreme Court and have appeared before the TTAB and other U.S. Courts.

We also work closely with counsel abroad, to ensure high-quality legal protection wherever our clients do business.

Our litigators assist clients in prosecuting and defending claims for infringe­ment of copyrights and trademarks, rights of publicity and trade secrets. One such case involved a landmark trade dress case that our firm argued in the United States Supreme Court.  We also have experience protecting intellectual property assets in the context of a licensee or licensor bankruptcy.  In a number of cases we have been able to obtain settlements or cessation of infringing activity with nothing than a demand letter.

  • Represented Samara Brothers, Inc. in its copyrights and trade dress infringement case against Wal-Mart, not only at trial and on appeal, but also in the United States Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court’s decision established the outer bounds of trade dress protection under the Lanham Act.
  • Represented a children’s toy designer and manufacturer against knockoffs of a number of its lines of products, including dolls, doll accessories, and other toys.
  • Represented a fast-food chain to protect its trademarks in the chapter 11 case of a multi-location franchisee.
  • Represented a leading NBA player in preventing infringements of his trademarks as well as  unauthorized uses, both in the US and abroad, of his image and likeness. 
  • Represented a well-known MLB player in a copyright infringement claim.
  • Represented a hip-hop artist and entrepreneur in defending claims of copyright infringement.