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Sep 16, 2020

Stop Fake News and Misguided Social Media Messaging While Alleviating Cybersecurity Risks: Ensure User Anonymity

Business Class Security, an online publication, has published an article written by Scott Watnik, a partner in the firm’s litigation group and co-chair of its cybersecurity practice. In the article, Scott shares his insights on the proliferation of fake news by bots and cybercriminals and discusses solutions to stop these practices, including humanId – One-Click Anonymous Sign On (“humanID”).  humanID is a non-profit organization that has created a new single sign-in service that replaces conventional site-specific logins. When users login in through humanID, the service creates an individual and untraceable identity for them.  humanID encrypts phone numbers and email addresses, securing them from advertisers as well as hackers and other bad actors.  The article can be accessed here.